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CUPA Marathon Delegation 2013

Dear CUPA members,
In order to promote sports and our recognition to CityU and CUPA, CUPA will fully support the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on 24 February 2013. We now encourage CUPA members to join this event by subsidizing the entry fee for participants who can complete the race.

The subsidy scheme is as follows:

- Full range 42 km Marathon runner: CUPA subsidizes all enrollment fees. (Quota: 20)

- Half Marathon runner: CUPA subsidizes all enrollment fee (Quota: 20)

- 10 km runner: CUPA subsidizes HK $100 (Quota: 40)

Conditions of joining the Subsidy Program:

-Participants must be CUPA postgraduate student members

-Participants are mandatory to join CityU Delegation

Enrollment Procedure:

NOTE: Enrollment is based on first-come-first-served basis, please do enrollment earlier to enjoy the benefits. CUPA reserve the right to close entries when the quota is full.

Step 1)

You should first register in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013 at

Registration start date & time:

Marathon/ Half Marathon/ Wheelchair Races: 24 Oct 2012 (Wednesday) 7am

10km: 31 Oct 2012 7am

Due to limited quota, please register as earlier as possible.

Step 2) Online enrollment as a member of CityU Delegation OR fill in the attached CityU Delegation Enrollment Form together with a copy of the Registration Record of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013 by fax (3442 0315) to the Physical Education Section, SDS or submit the required documents in person at the enquiry counter of the Hu Fa Kuang Sports Centre, CityU from 24 October to 16 November 2012.

Step 3) Please bring a copy of the i) Registration Record of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2013; ii) CUPA Marathon Delegation Application Form (Attached in this page below)
; iii) CityU Delegation Confirmation (Registration Number) in person to CUPA office during the office hour or by fax (3442 0221) or email: to the CUPA office by November 2013. Successful applications will be informed by email.

Step 4) AFTER you have completed the race, you are eligible to reimburse the enrollment fee. Please come to CUPA office with your official race completion certification before 15 March 2013.


If you want to participate in CUPA Marathon Delegation, you need to register first and pay to the Organization in following link:

CUPA office hour: 10:30- 19:30 (Lunch hour: 13:30-14:30)

Address: RM R6167, 6/F Amenities Building

For any enquiries, please contact CUPA office at 3442 5662.