Membership Information

Ordinary Membership

CityU Postgraduate Association (CUPA) is an official student body for postgraduates in City University of Hong Kong, with its members covering both research and taught postgraduate students. Postgraduate students will automatically become a CUPA member upon registration with the University, and such registration is subjected to automatic payment of membership fee through the finance office.

Membership Fee

Membership fee is HK$150 for Part-time Student and HK$300 for Full-time Student. Membership fee is paid once until completed your program study.

The membership fee is listed in the web site of Finance Office, City University of Hong Kong.


Withdrawal of Membership

CUPA serves as a communication channel between postgraduate students and the University. Its key objective is to promote a better academic environment and research culture in the University by encouraging communication and interaction among postgraduate students. Being members of CUPA gives postgraduate students channels to express their concerns and opinions about policies in the University as well as the Hong Kong society.

As a liberal Assoication, CUPA has a Withdrawal procedure for new postgraduate students. It is available for those who wish to withdraw from CUPA membership. Applications of withdrawal form CUPA are to be submitted within one month from the due date for the first tuition fee payment. Applications that lack any necessary documents and late applications would NOT be considered.

1. Applicants need to settle the CUPA fee payment to the Finance Office first.

2. Applicants are required to complete the Membership Withdrawal Form and to return to CUPA office by fax, mail or in person with:

- to get the withdrawal form in person, or send a request for getting the withdrawal form by email to

- a copy of the student ID card;
- a copy of the payment receipt (CUPA fee).

3. Successful applicants will receive an email notice and refund will be given accordingly.

If a member has once joined any activity organized by CUPA, no refund shall be made, even though an application is submitted within the prescribed period.    

The Executive Committee reserves all the rights in the approval of membership’s withdrawal and refund matters.