Executive Committee Recruitment
The officers of the Executive Committee for each session shall be elected at the Annual Election held in the previous session within the period starting from the 1st of January to the 31st of March. The Executive Committee of each session shall be responsible for organizing and conducting the Annual Election within the specified period in accordance with the requirements in this Constitution and other relevant regulations for election of CUPA. Nominations for candidates of the election shall be declared open within the nomination period as determined from the relevant regulations for election.

Eligibility: Ordinary Member

Sub-Committee Recruitment

We are recruiting sub-committees to work with us for organizing events. As a sub-committee, you will have a lot of opportunities to organize activities with us and interact with people from different disciplines. You can also participate in different committee at CityU to give opinions and comment from postgraduate perspective. You can also develop your leadership and sense of team work, as well as equip yourself with solid soft skills.
We welcome all committed and responsible people to submit an application.  
If you want to enrich your university life, please don't hesitate to join us as a sub-committee!
Eligibility: Ordinary Member
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Sub-Committee Recruitment 2013-2014