Sub-Association Recruitment

We are recruiting members to form and participate in our sub-associations. The sub-associations are formed with specific interest and categorized into following four groups: 

1. Independent 
(Investment Club / Career Development Club , etc..)

2. Cultural 
(Debating / Choir / Dancing / Film, etc...)

3. Sports 
(Badminton / Basketball / Football / Hiking / Tennis, etc...)

4. Academic 
(Social Science / Media / Business, etc...)

We are now calling interested members to form the association, and members to join in the association.

Our Support, Resource and Assistance:

1. HK$ 5000 as starting financial support
2. Promote the association and assist to call for helpers
3. Advisers to specific association
4. Common Room Booking Priority
5. Technological Support
6. More support is upon request 

CUPA Sub-association Registration